29 11, 2017

Down in a hole | Riky Kiwy

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Riky Kiwy has published a book called 'Down in a hole', self-published and it's a limited edition of 100 copies. Black & white analog pictures taken between 2015 and 2017. The subjects of the pictures are graffiti writers, trains, subways, atmosphere, portraits, actions, etc. A4 size, soft cover, 76 pages, 70 pictures. Available here:

24 05, 2017

Blood & Madness | Blog

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Our friends from Blood and Madness release a new blog! And in it we can find different action stories carried out all over the world, accompanied by unpublished photos. Check it out here. This goal is easier. A prosegur that completely ignores the world of writers and doesn't feel interest for him, watch over the [...]