7 12, 2017

EASY SHIFT | Full Movie 2017

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The first full-length film from the guys from IKS Gang and their friends devoted to trainingwriting on commuter trains in the period from 2012 to the present time. The film show actions from most cities of Ukraine, several CIS countries and several European countries, such as: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Turkey and Portugal. [...]

5 12, 2017

Up Here Kids | Documentary

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Matt Smith presents 'Up Here Kids' a documentary that gives an intimate look into Tennessee's graffiti culture through beautiful cinematography, interviews and storytelling. It focuses on the process and what motivates a handful of the notorious artists in the scene.  

9 11, 2017

HUR – Ritual (Full Length Norwegian Graffiti Film)

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HUR - Ritual is a full length graffiti film to from Bergen, Norway. It's an experimental graffiti film that focuses on trains, metros and street bombing, but in a new and more performative way that i would claim haven't been done before. Contains footage from Norway, Denmark, Belgium and Portugal.Including Bergen Light Rail (bybanen), Copenhagen [...]

21 06, 2017

Shu.Mov | Flick And Run (Full Movie)

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'Flick And Run' movie, presented by Shu.Mov is now online, 50 minutes of great quality action on the Moscow and St. Petersburg subway. This video is not only about graffiti on subways, but also about what is happening around it. We all know that every detail and every participant is important in this activity. The [...]