Athina 2016-2019

From Athens, arrives the following video postcard, which summarizes the 3 year stay of a foreign writer.

After spending a couple of years in this amazing country, it is only fair to do a small tribute. From the tallest mountain, to the deepest tunnel, I have explored a big part of this country while I tried to shoot as much video as I can and this is the result. I want to thank all the people that I have met during these years, specially the ones that are my friends and I have shared amazing times with, I’ll carry you in my heart. See you around!

Special thanks to my people BIGS, NSK, 381, 157, CAKE, HIOR, WRZ, GRDN, VDF, 42NA, ULM, GDRS, YMG and NR4T!

2016-2019 @ulrichgatzmann


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