17 10, 2019

NcFormula presents: S?ME/S?ME

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It all started with watching cartoons and scribbling the characters in his elementary school notebooks. His drawings moved from his notebooks to walls and trains but remained an important part of his work. The 40 spray-painted cartoon duos painted within the last year are Same's ode to the 80's and early- 90's cartoons from his [...]

17 10, 2019

Street Atelier – Grenzgebiet

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Three friends on road trip in Eastern Europe, with only one interest: spraying! But not the pieces themselves are the focus of the new film Grenzgebiet, but everything the boys around it experience as a sprayer. STREET ATELIER looks behind the scenes and talks to director Matti Cordewinus before he goes on a movie tour [...]

16 10, 2019


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Over a period of 4 years, Cpt. Olf followed at close range Berlin's most secretive pixação writer and urban climber, Paradox, taking exceptional photographs from impossible vantage points. Published for the first time, the photographs of Cpt. Olf represent a milestone in urban photography. You can get the regular edition here, or the special edition here. [...]