25 02, 2020

French Kiss Magazine #8

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The number 8 of the French Kiss magazine is already here, with 370 original color photos of subway and trains painted in France and around the world, all in 180 pages. with specials to Quiet TRG / RALERZ, 7FA7, Sdek 3VP'S, Double-trouble and the Marseille subway among many other things. The magazine will be available [...]

17 10, 2019

NcFormula presents: S?ME/S?ME

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It all started with watching cartoons and scribbling the characters in his elementary school notebooks. His drawings moved from his notebooks to walls and trains but remained an important part of his work. The 40 spray-painted cartoon duos painted within the last year are Same's ode to the 80's and early- 90's cartoons from his [...]

4 10, 2019

Graffitibox Magazin #3 | Call for Pictutes

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Graffitibox store in Berlin is preparing the third issue of its magazine, which will be available for free. You can send your 5 best pieces until November 10 to magazin@graffitibox.de, through wetransfer or similar. Send us your pictures for Graffitibox Magazin #3! We will soon realease Graffitibox Magazin #3 FOR FREE. As usual it will [...]

11 07, 2019


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Overrated Magazine Issue #6 is already here. more than 200 pages full of trains, subways and photography, in which we will see sections dedicated to Ross (EVK), Metro Jam (ORG | EHC), Epos (IMP | FMS), Murmansk (BEDA | TPD | KGS), Stockholm (Peter White), South Africa (RFA | FOFS), Serio (EHC| GHS), Rams (KGS| OBS), Foim (Germany), UKS (Poland), and much more... This Saturday, July 13, there is a party to present the magazine [...]

4 06, 2019


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'ELLAS' is the new book by the graffiti writer and Photographer JEOSM, a work dedicated to Femenin graffiti writers. It has been 3 years since one of his last works dedicated to graffiti, the book 'Guerreros Urbanos'. You can get ELLAS here. It is not a social justice project or a feminist manifesto. It is [...]

26 02, 2019

French Kiss magazine #7 | Preview

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French kiss magazine celebrates its 10th birthday for this occasion issue 7 has 180 pages. On the program are trains & subways Parisien, as well as in France, interrail & Systems Boys, focus on the writers Fouler ULM, Flic-Flac Europe tour, The photographers KL152, Exctint Style and a tribute to young Etienne RIP.