11 07, 2019


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Overrated Magazine Issue #6 is already here. more than 200 pages full of trains, subways and photography, in which we will see sections dedicated to Ross (EVK), Metro Jam (ORG | EHC), Epos (IMP | FMS), Murmansk (BEDA | TPD | KGS), Stockholm (Peter White), South Africa (RFA | FOFS), Serio (EHC| GHS), Rams (KGS| OBS), Foim (Germany), UKS (Poland), and much more... This Saturday, July 13, there is a party to present the magazine [...]

4 06, 2019


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'ELLAS' is the new book by the graffiti writer and Photographer JEOSM, a work dedicated to Femenin graffiti writers. It has been 3 years since one of his last works dedicated to graffiti, the book 'Guerreros Urbanos'. You can get ELLAS here. It is not a social justice project or a feminist manifesto. It is [...]

15 01, 2019


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The writer ALE VLOK presents the teaser of his new book, dont miss the interview by Mtn-world. Ale VLOK is an enigmatic writer on the European scene whose risky style leaves no one feeling indifferent. His way of painting is peculiar, but so is the story behind the character, and he’s finally decided to share [...]