28 06, 2018

Writer Stories Magazine 02 | PREVIEW

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The second issue of the 'Writer Stories' magazine is already available, we will find a large section of German trains and subways, but without forgetting the other European countries. Specials to GPC, Deor & Nash, Feucht69 UPPS Crew, Iraq ORG and the Russians BEDA crew. 

26 06, 2018

SPRÜHSPORT MAGAZINE | Issue 04 – Preview

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The Issue 04 of the SPRÜHSPORT magazine will be launched on the following July 10, with 90 pages in DIN A4 format, in English and German and in its content we can find specials such as 11 Buden - Hiper, Peter Stelzig, Germany, Europe Allstars, METRO Hunter and much more.

11 06, 2018


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The next June 15, the fifth issue of the magazine 'Estilo Y Cojonoes'will be on the streets. This edition consists of 120 pages in color, with the usual sections, trains, subway, street and walls, as well as special writers such as: Moer, Folk Crew, Julione, Ringo, Rage, Ansiar and Thow.

7 05, 2018


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This is the Trailer for the Book "One week with 1UP". A project by Martha Cooper, Ninja K. & 1UP. Graffiti and photography, a long standing symbiosis. Come along for a behind the-scenes-look at Berlin graffiti writing in the 21st century.  

29 11, 2017

Down in a hole | Riky Kiwy

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Riky Kiwy has published a book called 'Down in a hole', self-published and it's a limited edition of 100 copies. Black & white analog pictures taken between 2015 and 2017. The subjects of the pictures are graffiti writers, trains, subways, atmosphere, portraits, actions, etc. A4 size, soft cover, 76 pages, 70 pictures. Available here:

27 11, 2017


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Preview of the fifth issue of Overrated magazine, it will have 176 pages devoted to graffiti on trains, subways and photography, with specials to DRS, Error, Osman, Edward Nightingale, BTP, Gaijin intrusion and much more. The magazine will be available on 16-12-2017, you can now preorder on its website.    

23 11, 2017

Rache: The Art Of Rage | 20 years graffiti art on trains

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RACHE - THE ART OF RAGE 1998 - 2017 Rage DSF first monograph. 20 Years of graffiti art on trains. 1000 copies, signed and numbered by Rage. 288 Pages | 24 x 30 cm. | Hardcover | Black side print | Smyth Sewn Binding | 2.2 kg. Text Language: German / English Available here. [...]

10 11, 2017

Artistz No. 8 | Graffiti Magazin – Preview

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It has been 10 years since the first publication of the Artistz magazine and this is already in the eighth issue, showing us the Graffitikosmos in Berlin. As usual in A4 format, with a soft cover and 148 pages full of good material.