The writer ALE VLOK presents the teaser of his new book, dont miss the interview by Mtn-world.

Ale VLOK is an enigmatic writer on the European scene whose risky style leaves no one feeling indifferent. His way of painting is peculiar, but so is the story behind the character, and he’s finally decided to share it with us in an editorial project. “Patiperro” is a book that tells of Ale’s experiences in cities worldwide, by means of various artistic mediums and a perspective that’s as intimate as it is aesthetically tailored.

The book contains material from my last 5 or 6 years; photographs, collages, pieces, action, memories and a lot of other things… even drawings by my friends’ children that they made especially for me. All of it reflects how I have lived this past era. It consists of about 350 pages. The chapters are introduced by photos of the shoes I used in the stories being told. Those photographs were taken by Ozkar Gorgias, the inventor of this concept. 

The book tells many stories, as honest as possible. I don’t just explain the beautiful times and triumphs, there’s also some not so good things explained, such as when I was caught or when there has been conflict and deception with writers. My idea is to do something as authentic as possible and tell the story of how a “sudara” without papers came to Europe with big dreams and managed to rise up thanks to effort and consequence… and if I can do it, anyone can. There is still no specific release date but it will be before the middle of this year.



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