1 04, 2020

iPad Pro Digital Graffiti Tutorial | How to create Train Templates for Procreate App?

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If you are confined and have an iPad Pro, you already have how to pass time. The writer SMOE gives us some lessons to paint ‘graffiti’ on the iPad.  

24 03, 2020

How a Train Tunnel Became the Center of NYC’s Art Scene

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Chris 'Freedom' Pape reminisces on his time painting in the Freedom Tunnel—the abandoned train tunnel that became the heart of New York City's art scene in the 1980s.    

4 10, 2019

Art On Train Festival 2019 – Recap

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From the Franco-Swiss border, we get the curious video compilation of the 'Art On Train festival 2019',  different street artists and graffiti writers have painted on the Coni’Fer train collection.  

18 09, 2018

5 Minutes | Mr. Woodland

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New chapter of '5 Minutes', this time with Mr. Woodland, who describes his style as a mixture of painting and contemporary graphics, with a touch of surrealism. It is inspired by classical painting, graphic design and nature. Via Ilovegraffiti & ArteCreative.

30 05, 2018

Street Atelier | DOES

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Ilovegraffiti in collaboration with ArteCreative, have published a new video of the Street Atelier project, this time the writer DOES shows us one of his latest projects called MAGIC WATER and talks about the work process, inspiration and new ideas.

26 05, 2018

Grenoble Street Art Fest! Vol. 4: returns the alpine festival of urban art

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  June is just around the corner and that means the fourth edition of the Grenoble Street Art Fest! is about to start. The festival was born in 2015 and was conceived as the first festival in Europe that combines exhibitions and on-site creations in the city, with the intention of making art accessible [...]

15 03, 2018

H&M Vs Graffiti and Street Art

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This week, fashion retailer H&M filed a lawsuit in Federal Court in New York, allegedly asking the court to essentially rule that any and all unsanctioned or illegal artwork, such as street art and graffiti, should be devoid of copyright protection and can be used by any brand or corporation, without any payment or even [...]