Writers Madrid celebrates 20 years and to celebrate, they have organized the ‘Writers Party’, a party that will be held on September 1 from 12:00 in the morning to 00:00 at night, a day of Graffiti with workshops, Live graffiti, breakdance, concerts, DJ sessions and screenings.

About this event

This year we celebrate the 20th anniversary of Writers Madrid in a very special way loaded with Graffiti, Street Art, workshops, concerts, DJs, live music and many more surprises that we are preparing for this day.

The event will take place on September 1 at the Cine de Verano (FESCINAL) of the Bombilla Park (Av. Valladolid S / N)


This year we will have more than 50 writers distributed throughout the FESCINAL summer cinema venue, (who has organized this event for 10 years) with the novelty of finding new writers inside the enclosure, which you will access with Your entrance.

Many of the writers who were in previous editions of the PIO RAP festival will participate but, on this occasion, the poster will be expanded with new writers and artists from Madrid and other cities. Soon we will confirm the final poster with the attendees!


In the workshop area you can start using the spray, practice your letters and sketches in a blackbook workshop, customize caps, get started in the world of sticker or learn the best tricks and techniques about calligraphy. For this, we have writers and artists from Madrid, who will be the workshop’s own dynamizers. In the workshops you can participate in competitions and win prizes, all this included in your ticket.


The Break Dance could not miss this year in an event such as the 20th anniversary of Writers Madrid and will be other major activities of the festival. We will have cash prizes, battle for couples and exhibitions. You will attend a real Battel in pairs where more than 60 breakers will be challenged with their incredible movements.

* If you are a breaker and want to participate, buy your ticket for € 5.00 (per couple) to register Limited places!


This year funky, rap or electro music will also be present during the festival. In addition, to have several rap groups that will be singing live from 8:00 p.m. Check out our program if you want to know the groups that will play!

For the closing of the festival we have a great, always close to the graffiti playing the best music SR.ROJO.

Also during your session we have a surprise in the form of projection on the cinema screen.

ℹ Limited capacity!

ℹ️   This year we will paint the enclosure that surrounds the summer cinema with more than 30 writers, in addition to painting the inside of the cinema where there will be workshops for the youngest.

👉 The entrance fee to the venue is 10€ and includes 2 beers.

👉 he price to sign up for the Battle of Break Dance is 5€ (admission after 5:00 p.m.).

🚩 Summer Cinema (FESCINAL). Av Valladolid S / N

** All the information about the event at https://www.writersparty.esç